«Ukraine Relief» project
The charity foundation “Ukraine Appeal” has recently launched a new fundraising project “Warm Shelter” dedicated to continuous support of people in Ukraine.

This winter season becomes critical for most Ukrainians surviving in sub-zero temperatures having no electricity or heating. Permanent blackouts and lack of connectivity caused by constant shelling leave victims of war isolated and vulnerable.

“Ukraine Appeal” collects funds to purchase essential equipment for “Warm Shelters” which would support displaced families, elderly, children, and people with special needs.

"Warm shelters" would be set up at multiple church premises in the most remote areas of Eastern, Central and Southern Ukraine, mostly affected by shelling and constant blackouts.

The funds collected by “Ukraine Appeal” will secure provision of:

· powerful long run generators
· independent and uninterrupted connection equipment
· mobile power banks
· thermal clothing & blankets
· mobile cooking stations

“Ukraine Appeal” envisages to facilitate at least ten shelters within the shortest possible period of time, and we pledge to work around the clock in order to help as many people as possible.

You also may help us to promote and support this project which will give hope to affected communities and people at the darkest of times for Ukraine and its nation.

Please donate now and share this information with your friends and colleagues to raise awareness. Simply, like and share our initiative through social media.

Thank you.